Milling Manor Inc.

Dear Donor,

Take a moment to consider the community impact of not having an active provider in Davie County for developmentally disabled adults. How many lives might be affected by not having an agency that can provide support and housing for those unable to take care of their basic needs?

Milling Manor Inc. (MMI) is a 501(c) (3) non –profit organization committed to making a difference in the lives of individuals who reside in Davie County and surrounding communities. Since opening over 30 years ago MMI with our dedicated staff and board have been involved in improving the quality of a multitude of individual lives.

Not only does MMI work diligently to provide basic housing needs and skill building but is also responsible to provide clothing, basic hygiene needs, and bedroom furnishings along with all medical needs.

MMI offers to the community of disabled adults an activity program to develop reading and artistic skills that is called Endless Possibilities and is located on the Court in downtown Mocksville.

MMI is dependent upon federal and state funding which is increasingly insufficient to meet needs. We have been fortunate to have compassionate people who believe those we serve are entitled to a safe, happy and healthy life and support our efforts to educate, skill build and provide basic needs. These individuals have helped sustain MMI in difficult times.

As president of the board for MMI and a loyal supporter myself I ask you to join me in making a tax deductible gift to help us continue to serve those of Davie County.   

Your gift makes a real difference. For example:

            $25 to $50                 helps supply paper products for one week

            $50 to $100               helps with utility expenses for one week

            $100 to $500            assist with groceries a month (Groceries $700.00 monthly)

            $500 to $1000         assist with housing needs, vehicle maintenance, and clothing 

             $5,000 to 10,000     would pay for rents, and utilizes for one month.

The individuals cared for by MMI of Davie County need your help. Government funding is changing and services are being altered. Your donation could mean we would not have to imagine Davie County without the service MMI provides for our disabled adults. We have a goal to be able to serve more and continue to strengthen what MMI can bring to Davie County.

Remember to make your contribution before year-end to get your 2016 tax deduction.

Thank you so much for your generous support.


Mia Adams Martin

President, Board of Milling Manor Inc.


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 Please make check payable to Milling Manor Inc. Our mailing address is 253 Milling Road Mocksville, NC 27028. 

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 MMI is a non-profit organization licensed in the state of North Carolina to provide services to Developmentally Disabled Adults.

Thank you for your support and the impact your gift will have on another human beings life.